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Where I’m Supposed To Be

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On the actual eve of my graduation from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, I sat in the middle of the campus with a few close friends and drank and smoked as we’d done a thousand times before. With no sleep, I dragged myself through graduation and, then, grabbed my bags and went home for good.

Jobless for months, I was lucky to have a sister who allowed me to live in her family’s home until I could get on my feet; unfortunately, with being unemployed, my presence became too much to bear and I was asked to leave. My mother, through a friend, was able to find me an apartment, so I avoided homelessness. However, this only added to the stress I already had become accustomed to, because, now, I would have no choice but to quickly find a job.

I bounced from one meaningless job to another–door-to-door phone-service salesman, temporary post-office work—until I, finally, found a temp-to-hire data-entry position at a reputable company. Not the sort of employment I expected for myself, considering I’d recently graduated, but it was a stable bring-in-money-for-the-rent income that I sorely needed at the time. And because it wasn’t a guaranteed full-time hire, I had to show everything I had in me to prove I belonged…and I did. Eventually, I was asked if I wanted to become full time, and of course, I responded in the affirmative. I was scheduled to take a drug test and was told that, following a negative result, I would be granted an official position.

A few days later, Human Resources called me into the office and informed me a background check had been conducted and that the findings were such that I would not be granted employment. I scanned the report she’d handed me and, in complete shock, I shook my head. I’d never even been in the back of a police car, never even seen a jail’s interior; I tried to convince her that the person on this sheet was not me (found out later it was my cousin’s alias)…but she, simply, instructed me to leave. As the security guard stood over me as I gathered my things, I cried.

At the time, that job appeared to be the greatest thing that could have happened to me. I would be able to pay my rent; I wouldn’t have to accept the occasional–yet helpful–eight dollars from my sister to help me eat; I would have a sense of self again–but, fortunately, even though things had not worked out, I was guided into an opportunity–again, a temp position, with the possibility of permanence–with a company that I would be encouraged to use all of my talents. This media company gave me the chance to utilize—and build on—various skills I’d picked up over the years–writing, proofing, background office work (something I’d done all through high school and college)–and I was happy.

And I remain happy.

Identity theft victim catches her thief

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This story was written by Mike Brody and originally appeared on the website.

A Seattle customer service representative who was the victim of identity theft in January was able to help police break up a ring of ID thieves when a woman tried to open a credit card account using her stolen identity.Michelle McCambridge, 23, was working at J.C. Penney when a woman asked to open a credit account in McCambridge’s name with a fake ID, according to the Seattle Times .McCambridge was shaken when she realized what was happening, but she composed herself enough to excuse herself and alert store security to the situation.”I’m very proud of her,” said Joseph Velling, a special agent for the Social Security Administration. “It was heroic.”Police couldn’t arrest the woman right there, but they were able to get surveillance footage of her which directly led to her arrest along with several others who police say were responsible for victimizing at least 39 people.”Out of how many customer-service desks, out of how many registers she could have gone to, and she had to come to me?” McCambridge said. “It was fate.”Last year, 8.4 million people in the United States had their identities stolen at a total cost of $49.3 billion.On Friday, Albert Gonzalez, a former federal government informant and the alleged ringleader of one of the largest known identity theft cases in U.S. history, pleaded guilty to 19 counts of conspiracy computer fraud, wire fraud, access device fraud, and aggravated identity theft related to theft of credit and debit card data from TJX Companies owner of T.J. Maxx, BJ’s Wholesale Club, OfficeMax, Boston Market, Barnes & Noble, Sports Authority, among other retailers.

Never give up

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I was born with a spinal deformity,called scoliosis.At 12 years old when diagnosed it became severe and i was completely passion was that i loved fashion and clothing but couldnt wear anything other than baggy clothes to hide my deformity and body brace. it was so difficult in school being different and really hiding from the world.i just wanted to be like all the other teen girls and shop,dress up and go out.i had a life saving surgery to correct the deformity,and my life sprung from then on.i have been in the fashion industry now for 20 years and landed a job with calvin klein,opened a trendy boutique,and was just featured on tyra banks i own Fashion Fix.To think that as a teen i was in hiding,deformed and now standing before Tyra as a professional stylist,my dreams have beyond come true.

Combat PTSD

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This story was submitted by Sue Hannibal of Fayetteville, NC.

In September of 2006, the coordinator of our upcoming 35th high school reunion at Kenmore East HS in Tonawanda NY (outside Buffalo) screwed up the reunion website email so that for about 3 days, all of us who had registered were getting slammed with all the emails of our classmates instead of the emails going to the site.

I happened to see an email written to  the group by a classmate that I never met, (checked him out in the yearbook) and his military signature line indicated he was an Army officer stationed at Ft. Bragg. At the time, I was living in Vista, CA, north of San Diego.

I was and still am in private practice as an intuitive healer specializing in the treatment of childhood abuse/trauma and combat PTSD. I sent him a quick note to say that I didn’t remember ever meeting him in HS,  but that if he had any PTSD or trauma from his service in Iraq, I would be happy to treat him for free over the phone. I referred him to my web site, and immediately regretted it because I figured that a conservative military officer would take one look at a medical intuitive clairvoyant healer and probably think I was a witch or something.

To my surprise, he did call the next day and we started chatting. Almost immediately, he said the word “ambush” and got triggered. His voice got louder, he was breathing hard and I could sense his distress. I said, “you’re in it.. do you want a sample of this healing stuff I do? All you have to do is repeat what I say and tap with your fingertips on the release points where I tell you.” He said, “OK, let’s do it.”

Knowing only that he was ambushed, I led him through a healing procedure to release the terror, anger, anxiety, etc. inherent in that experience. It took about 5 minutes of acupressure tapping, ie ” Iraq–the ambush–they tried to kill me– they tried to kill all of us–I thought I was going to die that day– but I didn’t die– they didn’t get me that day– all of a sudden they were everywhere– they hit us, etc. ”

After 5 minutes of tapping, (see YouTube from 2004, title Erase Combat PTSD with EFT) we stopped and after a moment he said, ” do you mean to tell me that I’ve been going to the VA twice a week for 2 years for nothing? It’s gone. What did you do to me?”  His anxiety and explosive anger over that ambush and the death of a good friend was released and has not returned.

He came out to San Diego to meet me over Christmas/New Years 2007. We fell in love and were married in August 2007. So far, we’re living happily ever after. He is going to deploy to Afghanistan in January 2010 and I am continuing to treat combat vets for PTSD.

Confirmation: Story of Faith

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Confirmation is a Catholic Sacrament to confirm one’s faith, usually as a teenager. It is by choice unlike baptism which is usually done when you are a baby. When I was in the 8/9th grade we had just moved to Fountain, CO, and I decided to be Confirmed because I knew it’s what I should do and what my parents would like me to do. Before getting Confirmed, my fellow church school classmates and I had to attend a retreat…away from another city.

Sadly though, we were the only school whose teacher did not stay with us. Feeling neglected, we did the best we could to interact with the other people there. Then, few hours into the retreat, we were notified we had to evacuate the premises because there was a nearby fire spreading quickly. So, the other kids left quickly with their chaperones and our class was left to fend for ourselves. THANKFULLY, a priest was there… he was not supposed to be there but voluntarily dropped by… and had exactly enough seats in his car to take the stragglers..myself included. So we made the drive back to our church where our parents were waiting. They picked me up and as we drove off, my parents looked at the priest and said he looked familiar.

My mom remembered him from over twenty years ago…. When she and my dad lived in Colorado before I was born. They had given him a ride to church in Colorado Springs…he was walking in the rain and they picked him up. He thanked them…. And twenty years later, he unknowingly returned the favor.


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17 years of age forced in marriage.

22 years of age died and come back to life.

23 through 30 years of age lived a secret life.

2003 the year raped by a man I met online.

2003 the year on the phone with my online rapist blowing my brains out..

2003 the year in hospital PSY Ward woke up raped, photographed and blackmailed so I started to run.

2004 Running
2005 Running
2006 Running
2007 Running
2008 Running
2009 I am found so what do I do?

Rising Up

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“I am moving to North Carolina”, that’s what my sister told me and my mother, back in July of this year. My mom who lost her job and home, during this recession was living with my sister in Richmond, VA, while I was attending school at Virginia State University. Once, my freshman year was completed, I had no place to go but with my mom and sister, who had now moved to Woodbridge, VA, closer to my sister’s job in Washington DC.

My mom and I were trying to find a job but nothing was working, so my sister became very resistant towards us. So, in July she decided to move to North Carolina with her daughter to live with my cousin and her children. Me and my mother was stuck, I can remember sitting in the bathroom with a knife to my chest, just crying. “I don’t know what to do”, talking to my girlfriend on the phone. She was trying to calm me down but it didn’t work. I eventually put the knife down, stop crying because I thought where is crying going to get me?

We helped my sister move, and she sent us back to Alexandria, VA, on a train. Over the next few days, we lived in hotels and motels, trying to find a homeless shelter to sleep in. We finally got into a shelter and stayed out there for a week. Then, my aunt in New Jersey, told my mom to come live with her, but my mom didn’t want to live me by myself. I knew I’d be fine. Since then, my mom and I are doing better, I haven’t really talked to my sister, and my girlfriend and I are still together. But, there’s still a problem, I’m not in school.

One night, I remembered my girlfriend telling me about University of Maryland, she said that’s where a lot of students at her community college transfer to. So, I looked the University up and became very interested. All, I want is an opportunity to better myself and get an education. The lesson that I learned during the time me and my mother were homeless was, I don’t want to be here again, in that situation. The best way I can guarantee that, is education. I believe the University can provide that for me. “People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan”, that quote has stuck with me since high school, and now I am planning, and I don’t want to fail….

But, the worst happened I didn’t get accepted to the school, lost my job and things weren’t looking any brighter. I was lost, my girlfriend was turning away from me, she says, “I need a man, Amir, I love you, I just can’t be with you till you get yourself together”. How you could blame her, I mean, here I was 19 years old, dropped out of college, no job, barely able to pay my rent, no car, and don’t know what to do with my life. Tell me about struggle or being confused, but coming up to DC helped me realize that my situation isn’t as bad as it could be. Things happen for a reason, we all know this, and it’s true. Just think back when you going run across the street to work to get something for lunch, then walks in your boss saying, “Lunch isn’t till 1pm”. All of sudden, you look outside the window to see that, someone got hit by a car or there was a car accident.

Some people have failed to realize that, as much as they think their lives are hard right now. There is someone who is doing 10 times worst, I mean at the time I didn’t have no job, little money, but I wasn’t on the street. I was fortunate that my landlords understood my situation and worked with me. I can real busy though, I loved my girlfriend, I really do, she’s the bright spot in my life, she wants to be happy, so we are now currently taking a break, till everything is straight with me. I have actually found a job, I am still living at the same place over on Northeast, and going to start school later this month to be a police officer or work in cyber space crimes. I have come back to my first true loves, writing and music. Writing just lets me be free, I can tell the world my pain, my struggles, and once I write it, then I can put it all behind me. Music just lets me express myself, I am somewhat of a shy individual, but when it comes to music I just let it all out.

I have no regrets, because like I stated earlier, things happen for a reason, sometimes you find out why and sometimes you don’t, that’s life. My struggles over the past 2 years have molded me into the person I will become in the future. My mother is my motivation, she is 58 years old and has worked for over 25 years and still has to work, and I want that to stop. My sister talks to me now, and my friend/girlfriend is doing well, we still talk, just growing up and taking things slow. What’s your story? What’s your purpose? Me personally, I don’t know yet, but I can’t wait to find out, I’m Rising up to the challenge…..