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My Brother’s Career

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I can’t tell the story in only 500 characters but the gist is: I went to college, I randomly thought of changing majors because I was struggling in math, when I got out of my class the nursing office was across the hall, I started speaking to the secretary, found out it was strictly nursing and I wasn’t really interested, but she was very nice, and we spoke for about 10 minutes, then she mentioned to me that her husband owns a distribution company and he’s looking for some solid guys, I told her I WASN’T interested very politely, but we continued to talk, she persisted and gave me his number, and persisted more and i finally gave in and gave my number, when i left the office i threw the number she gave me in the garbage, 4 days later her husband contacted me. I immediately liked him because he had a Scottish accent, but also very nice. I was swamped with work, fraternity stuff, school work, g’f, fire dept etc. I told him i wasn’t interested, and he responded with he might not have time either but he’ll squeeze me in and he’ll come to me. So we set the meeting, I instantly loved his business plan. I wanted to meet his partners, he told me Thursday but its invitation only. I told him I wont get into business unless its with my brother so invite him. and vauched. My brother was 24 at the time, struggling miserably to get ahead. I DRAGGED him to the meeting. Its was the last time I ever saw him NOT excited. After that meeting I wasnt interested any more i had a lot of my plate, but he jumped in, 4 yrs later, He’s about to be married to his senior partners daughter on Sunday, His business is tremendously successful gross approx 150k-200k, partners have flown him around the country to speak to other distributors on how he was so successful and he makes his lifestyle. and to think, I threw that guy’s number out.

One After the Other

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It started back in June when I had started a new job and was hoping to turn some things around in my life. Unfortunately for me, things started to get a little worse. It wasn’t long into the new job before I was running late for work one morning and I was pulled over. Everyone gets pulled over right? Well, I didn’t have insurance. Being a single mother and BROKE, paying a $300 fine for no insurance was not in my budget. I survived that, but things never seemed to look up. One night, my mother gets a call from my sister’s boyfriend who says “We’ve been in a car accident.”…She was driving my car. Everyone walked away from the accident just fine, but my car was a mess. I think the word “totaled” was pushed around. The other driver was found at fault and for good reasons, but his insurance was going to be the problem. Remember, I didn’t have insurance before but when I got it, it only had liability (again, because I am BROKE). I got a rental car assuming I wouldn’t have it for too long. In the midst of this, my son who at the time was almost 2, fell down a full flight of stairs. Instantly he was rushed to the hospital, but not even the ER doc would have guessed he broke both bones in his right arm. I was hoping by this time things were going to start to look up. Nope. I was still dealing with the insurance company and the rental car was starting to add up.

Finally, after a month of being pushed around and promised a reimbursement for the rental AND the car seat, I was told I would receive absolutely no payment. I cried a lot that day. I finally got a hold of myself and called an attorney. Not too long after hearing the devastating news, I was fired from my new job. The person who was promoted two months into the job and had an extremely good 90 day evaluation was fired over an “illegal chat”…I’m still confused over that one. Nonetheless, I moved on and went back to being a waitress. Up until yesterday I was stuck with the rental car and was actually told I HAD to pay for it and give the car back.

So, my sister and I sat for 2 whole hours counting change so I could pay the $921.23. I just couldn’t believe we had enough change! We ended with a little over a thousand (that’s including cash we had) and treated ourselves to a well earned McDonalds. I smiled a real smile for the first time in a long time after that. Is that Karma telling me she’s done picking on me now?

Amazing Coincidence

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OK. So, like I was robbing a bank, right? Because me and my buds Joe DeLuca and Bobbie Kristenzfelt (oh s##@, I didn’t mean that, me and my buds “MR. ORANGE and MR. BLACK”—noo, I’m Mr. Black so make that “MR. ORANGE and MR. WHITE”) were like out of money for beer and bud, our parents treat us like we’re absolute retards or something so they only deposit this little bit you know every month and MR. ORANGE’S supply like jacked up the price because it was “primo Oregonian” no way it was skank, anyways, MR. BLACK said “hey why don’t we wear masks or something and get some money” because he had a prop gun from Drama Class and it was Halloween and they wouldn’t tag us at the door if we wore masks and then we could, you know, get the money, so we did it and got masks like, um, I was some brainless dick President and MR. BLACK was Hello Kitty and I held the gun and we told the cashier you know to put the money in a bag and nobody would get hurt but somehow it wasn’t just a prop gun, like it had a bullet in it, and it went off and shot the person behind me in the leg–and it was my high school lacrosse coach, Mr. Parsons.

I swear it’s true. We were both so surprised.

Lucky in Lotto

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In December of 2002, while driving to work, I came across an older man broke down on the side of the road. “Ain’t nobody stopping for an old black man in the suburbs tonight” was his statement to me. I drove him to a gas station, bought him some gas, and got his truck started. He reached for his wallet, but I refused to take his money. He said, “Thank you, young man. I hope God brings good things upon you.” I then went directly to a convenient store to get a soda and a few instant scratch lottery tickets. The store clerk pointed out a $5.00 ticket that he thought was lucky. He had just sold three to another customer, but that customer hadn’t won. The first ticket I scratched was a $25,000.00 winner! If I hadn’t stopped to help the stranded motorist, I would have purchased the non-winning ticket. How’s that for Karma…?