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Meant 2 Be

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This story takes place in Spring Valley, NY in 1999. I’ve been involved with this girl on and off since Junior High School. She’s half black/Puertorican, 5’2, long black hair, with a caramel complexion and her name is Arianny Delahoz. Once we graduated Junior High School we grew further apart leading us to date other people. That’s when I met Lina Orellana from Equator. Lina and I met through a mutual friend and immediately we had this connection that was indestructible. I was Lina’s first in every which way possible making her so called love for me influential. Arianny heard Lina and I was dating and took actions of her own. She began dressing lady like which attracted my attention. After school one day I made a drastic decision that would change my life forever.

I left school with Arianny and from a distance Lina saw us leave together.

Without saying goodbye or telling LIna I was done with our relationship, I began dating Arianny again. Years went by and Arianny gave birth to my beautiful son Shawn Charles Brown. A few years after my son was born, Arianny and I had our differences. We ended our relationship for good, due to the fact she cheated on me. Instantly I assumed that was karma for not ending my relationship with Lina the appropriate way.

Ten years later I’ve always wondered how things would be if I stayed with Lina. Something strange happened one day and I was shocked. I bumped into Lina in Manhattan, NY. We talked, laughed, and shared our feelings about the past. Apologies were thrown in every direction from my end and she forgave me. After my previous relationship that ended in a disaster, I met another female from Israeli. Her name is Samantha Haghnazari and she’s 5’5, long black hair, tan complexion and her body is amazing. Sam was completely different than any other female I’ve ever dated, but seeing Lina again made me feel as I did when we first met back in high school. Her and I began being intimate while I was currently dating Sam. I felt guilty and brushed Lina off just like I did in High school. We ended our little fling and then a few years later Sam and I broke up. Lina and I bumped into each other again but now she was involved with someone. She began being intimate with me while she had a boy friend. Lina wanted me to be with me exclusively, but I couldn’t because I still had feelings for Sam. Sam and I eventually got back together, but Lina and I was still sleeping with each other. At this point I have a girl friend and Lina has a boyfriend. We realized no matter what happened between us in the past we always found each other and ended up sleeping with each other. We ended our relationships and now she and I are together as it should’ve been back in 1999.

Frat Party

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After six months of living on my dad’s couch, my mom finally got her shit together and rented an apartment somewhat near where I had gone to grade school. I was 17 at the time and I hadn’t been in school, or doing anything else for that matter, for about two years.

On a whim/out of boredom, I called up a friend from middle school who invited me to a party, for which I would be the ride. I’m not sure if it was technically a frat party but it certainly wasn’t like any party I would ever go to on my own accord. Some jam band played; they sucked. Guys with backwards baseball caps played drinking games against girls with too much make up; they sucked. My friend ditched me to make out with some jock so I sat on a couch by myself for about fifteen grueling minutes before I saw this guy wearing a brown suit with various band bottons on it. I finally got up the nerve to talk to him. There was a bandage on his chin and he told me he had been bit by an iguana. Wasn’t sure if I believed him.

We went for a walk around the block and a black rottweiler ran up to us. She seemed nice enough, though hyper, so despite his warnings, I grabbed her to check her collar and calm her down. She was bleeding, but she was sweet and let us lead her to her home a few houses down. He asked me to marry him.

We’ve been together every day since.

That was four years ago.

The whole thing seemed so surreal- still does. For me, blatantly anti-social, just the fact that I would find myself at a party seemed odd. For him, the “chance” factor is higher. He really had been bit by an iguana earlier that day at that same party. He was actually getting ready to leave and ditch that party for another one but the bite sent him to the hospital. Once his face was glued back together, he figured he might as well go back and tell the pet owner that he didn’t say anything to the hospital and had no plans to press charges or seek relief.

I still haven’t married him, but we have a son together and I will someday when the money is right.

How I met my husband

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In 1995, I bought my first computer and AOL was all the rage at the time.
I don’t care what anybody says, but when you have an access to internet for the first time, you go to Chat Room to check it out.
So I did and soon I met this guy, Jack. He was to come see his friend in So.Cal in a few days , so we decided to double date for not risking meeting some serial killer. We didn’t exchange phone numbers, either.
His flight got delayed and he had no way to contact me. He called his best friend, Montie, to email me that we had to reschedule.
I responded to this email with my number, Montie called and the rest is history. Jack was our best man at the wedding which took place at his parents’ house.
Jack himself married to Jill on November 1st, 2003, which is when I gave a birth to our son, Monty, who came 3 weeks early.


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Everything that happens to anybody happens because of chance. However, one does have to take some responsibility in the way certain introductions to life’s myriad episodes are followed through.
One of my intimate relationships started out thusly: One Saturday back in the early ’80s, and as per my usual weekend routine, I was loitering around in a noted hip record store in Philadelphia. Then I spotted her… a woman who had caught my eye before in fleeting moments as I walked the downtown streets of Philly. Physically, she was my ideal. Now here she was just a few steps away from me. But being your typical introverted mess, I was at a loss about how I would actually do something about this infatuation. I walked out of the store, feeling like a loser. Moping towards my next destination, I suddenly stopped myself. “No, Jeffrey, this time you’re not going to run away from Fate!” I forced myself to run back to the store. She was still there! I introduced myself with some inane small talk about music. She obviously thought I was a creep, but I was persistent. When a shy person finally gets some courage, he or she becomes totally committed to the cause.
It was the beginning of a three-year relationship that turned out to be, for the most part, a pretty unhappy experience.

It was worth the pain

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Ok, so I was dating this girl named Kim. Everything was going great and I was head over heels inlove with this girl. It was awesome. We basically lived together for 5 months and my bestfriend loved her so that was definately a plus. Yeah right. A few days after Christmas Kim dumps me. Not only does she dump me but you remember my best friend right well can you guess who became my girlfriends new girl? Yes, my bestfriend Katie. So, I became very depressed. I felt like I had lost it all. So, I attempted suicide. Finally realizing how stupid I was I took myself to the hospital. After I was released I decided to move away from it all. In my time away I started going on craigslist, and well, I met this amazing girl name Brittany. I have now been with her for 7 months and its the best (and longest) relationship I have ever been in. I can see myself with her till my dying day. She is just that amazing. I realize now, if I would have gone threw with my task after the breakup I would’ve killed myself over the WRONG person. I now know Kim was not my “soul mate”. But I do believe Brittany is. So, I hope she reads this because what I’m about to do is kind of crazy. Brittany baby, I love you with all my heart. I know your the one for me. Please do me the honor of being my life partner and wife. I love you.

more crazy than that Bridget jones story

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i don’t know if my story is about destiny or fortuity.
But actually my name is sira.i’m 22 years old and i have never had boyfriend.
i think Bridget Jones is more lucky thant me.she’s already dating with
Nobody believe me when i told them or they think.i have a problem.but i’ haven’t.Every time that I have had the opportunity to go out with someone something weird happened .sometimes it was funny and sometimes less.
But i’m sure that one day i will find my prince charming.


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When true love calls you name will you answer, or will your innermost thoughts and actions answer for you?

A young woman deals with issues from a stormy relationship, but when she moves on and seemingly meets the ideal man she struggles to keep her past behind her. After several pivotal moments in her life she later discovers that she is dealing with something more than just making the right decision…