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Chance in Art

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I have seen your cool idea and would like to contribute an artistic take with the wildest collection of chance art you will ever find. First, I would like you to see my new photographic technique- I have been working for almost 5 years to perfect this new approach to fine art composition using only moving water and a D300. My work is quite unique, and I have searched the globe for others who might use this particular aleatoric method, but to no avail. Every image you will see in my website is a digital photograph of moving water, and these amazing images are found on the roiling surface of my small Koi pond at my home in Houston. The magical fish have for years given me chance images that sometimes make the hair on the back of my neck stand up upon discovering them. This is truly an untapped well of creative freedom that I have literally stumbled on by chance in 2006. Please witness my madness at and let me know if you think this might be a good story.
I have also created a movement of chance based artists from around the globe who use aleatoric methods in the commission of their works, and have put together a web gallery featuring 21 of the best examples of chance artists in our time. I hope you will read about all of us at We are intent on bringing chance art to the forefront of the collectors minds, and are passionate about educating and inspiring a new generation of artists with our modern takes on rarely discussed chance methods, which have been used for thousands of years in the creation of fine art. I have produced a nice coffee table book about these creative souls and have sold a whole bunch of them at $120! I can send you one if you like, as my gift to the movement.
I ask you spend a few minutes on my websites to catch my drift, which for you should be easy, and hope that you will enjoy what you find in my pages. This was a massive effort that came together in December when we debuted our group during Art Basel Miami at our hugely successful Aqua Wynwood show.
Thank you for your time,
J. Miller
PS: I would like to link to your site, and you can link to mine. I get over 1000 hits a month on my pages.

Please check out our “Godfather” at

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