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The Incredible Power of Chance Events


Your story can be about a romantic encounter that rocked your world. It can be about your big career break that happened because of a random meeting. It can be a funny little coincidence that you’ve always remembered. It can be about why you think you were born or the time you barely escaped with your life. It can be silly, weird, moving or all three. But it has to be personal and it has to be true.


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We’re wondering about fate, destiny, luck and chance, asking scientists about probability and spiritual leaders about fate and karma. We’re going to put it all in a media project called The Incredible Power of Chance Events. The project is evolving so for now we’re just gathering stories.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Did you meet your life partner, get a job or a big break by a random meeting?
  • Has your life been changed by something that came “out of the blue?”
  • Do you think there is a meaning to random events? Or do things that “just happen?”
  • Are we destined to meet certain people?

No matter where you stand, whether you consider yourself more spiritual or more of a scientist, we want to hear from you.

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